Save UAH — buy USDT pegged 1-to-1 to the dollar

The purchase of foreign fiat currency in Ukraine for the period of martial law is officially prohibited. How then to save the hryvnia from expected inflation? Digital assets will help to fix the capital — to work with cryptocurrencies just start the crypto wallet Alice-Bob Bot in Telegram.

We are talking about USDT — a class of cryptocurrencies secured by fiat funds and securities held in bank accounts and depository institutions. Unlike bitcoin and altcoins, the value of which strongly depends on transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges, the USDT exchange rate is pegged to the dollar. For example, in 2022, one USDT token cost $ 0.99.

USDT was developed by Tether Limited in 2015. Tether has been repeatedly inspected by US state regulators: in 2018 it was investigated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, in 2019 it became the object of attention of the Attorney General of the Southern District of New York. Investigative actions did not find a discrepancy between the positioning of cryptocurrency and its reserves for each tether issued.

The stability of USDT stablecoin is based on the components of its portfolio:

fiat currencies, namely, the US dollar - 20%
US Treasury bonds - 47%
commercial securities - less than 25%

Thus, "tech" exists in both digital and fiat equivalents, which allows it to withstand volatility and crisis in the cryptocurrency market. Tether Limited can always cover unforeseen losses at its own expense.

How to buy USDT for hryvnia?

Replenish the balance of the cryptocurrency Alice-Bob Bot in Telegram with a hryvnia card Visa / Mastercard of a Ukrainian bank, and then exchange fiat hryvnia for stablecoin at a rate that differs favorably from the speculative black market for the sale of foreign currencies.

After a USDT transaction, pegged to the dollar exchange rate is almost instantly credited to your crypto address, where it will be securely stored until you need to buy goods for cryptocurrencies, exchange them for USD or withdraw them at the current exchange rate on a bank card. Security of investments is guaranteed by GeoProtocol.