How do I get funds to my Alice-Bob wallet?

There are two ways to get funds to your Alice-Bob wallet:
  • send a cryptoadress to the user who makes the transfer of funds
  • send a request to the user via the /request command, with the specified transfer amount

Where can I find a crypto adress?

Getting a cryptoadress in Alice-Bob is very easy. First, you need to click on the "Balance" button, then on the "Deposit" button. Now select the cryptocurrency for which you want to get a crypto address. That's it, your crypto address is red text, copy it and send it to the user who is supposed to make the transfer to you.

How do I send a request for a transfer of funds?

There are two ways to send a request for funds:
  • Use the /request command and after it, enter the amount, currency in one line and specify username via @. It is important to enter the data exactly in the specified order so that the command works correctly

  • Click on the "Operations" button, then on the "Request" button, select the currency to transfer, and enter the transfer amount. After these actions, you will create a payment form with a QR code, where you can add a comment to the payment and click the "Choose" button to send the generated message to the selected contact in Telegram