Crypto wallet in Telegram: just start the bot

Buy tokens for hryvnia with Visa and MasterCard, generate crypto addresses for popular currencies, swap coins or send them to other wallets — all you need is just start the bot in the messenger. The Alice-Bob crypto wallet combines the functions of a custodial wallet, which is responsible for the security of your assets and the exchanger with low commissions.

Crypto wallet Alice-Bob Bot in Telegram online since 2021. The service is built on GeoProtocol, which provides secure transactions between cryptocurrencies and provides fast transactions between digital assets and fiat funds. Exchange transactions are processed almost instantly.

Alice-Bob is useful for crypto enthusiasts who are just beginning to explore the world of cryptocurrencies —  most of the services that will be needed to work with digital assets are already integrated into the telegram bot:

  • fiat on/off ramp;
  • fiat-crypto exchange;
  • create one-click crypto addresses to store purchased coins, receive payments from other users or to withdraw currencies from the exchange;
  • send assets directly to Telegram to another user without commission;
  • swap crypto currencies.

Experienced users will also like the Alice-Bob Bot cryptocurrency exchanger: top up balance in the hryvnias without commission, profitable tariffs, favorable rates, 24/7 schedule and operative support create favorable conditions for work, regardless of time and place — just start the bot from a smartphone or desktop.

Favorite messenger interface and seamless process without having to memorize complex passwords, seed-phrases and switch between applications — test a secure cryptocurrency wallet in Telegram and buy the first cryptocurrency for hryvnia or swap cryptocurrencies to feel the speed of GeoProtocol.

So, happy to meet you! Stay with us: we will tell you how to pay for services without leaving Telegram, start fundraising for a volunteer project or receive donations directly in the chat or channel, explain how Alice-Bob Bot will help sell goods in the messenger by creating ads with a payment button.