How to buy the first cryptocurrency?

Do you want to diversify your earnings, save the hryvnia from inflation or increase your equity, but do not know how to buy the first cryptocurrency? Then look at the main methods of buying digital assets in Ukraine: exchangers, cryptocurrency exchanges, p2p platforms and the simplest — telegram bot @alicebobbot.


Online and offline exchangers work in the usual format: you exchange hryvnia or other fiat funds for the selected cryptocurrency. The amount is deducted from your bank account, in exchange for the crypto wallet receives the equivalent of cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate. To use the cryptocurrency exchanger online, you need to have a Visa or Mastercard card of a Ukrainian bank and a secure personal crypto wallet.

What are the pitfalls here? As a novice who chooses the first cryptocurrency, you are unlikely to have time to understand the types of wallets and explore exchange rates, commissions and protocol standards.

P2P platforms

Services of this type are similar to exchangers, only exchange operations are carried out here not automatically, but on the terms of users — sellers and buyers who use the platform. They set their own exchange rate and the number of assets they can exchange. It should keep in mind that the required amount of currency at the desired price may not be due to lack of liquidity.

Sometimes on P2P-platforms it is possible to deposit funds to the accounts that belong to the platform, which increases the security of foreign exchange transactions, but this type of service is not available on all P2P-platforms. You will also have to create a wallet: custodial or non-custodial, cold or hot.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

The cryptocurrency exchange is an analogue of the stock exchange with only one difference: it trades exclusively in digital assets. The advantages of the exchange include a large selection of coins and a built-in wallet where you can safely store assets. On the other hand, to receive a transfer in cryptocurrency or buy the first crypt, you will have to register: enter your email, first and last name, pass a multi-factor identity check, send photos of documents, etc.

Agree, it is quite difficult for an enthusiast who does not yet know how to buy the first crypt.

Crypto wallet in Telegram — Alice-Bob

Alice-Bob is a crypto wallet and cryptocurrency exchanger in Telegram, integrated into the messenger interface. The service is officially registered and has the necessary constituent documents. Ok, stop bureaucracy! All you need to do is start the bot. From now you have a real secure crypto wallet in your smartphone, tied to your telegram ID. Everything you need to accept, buy, exchange or send digital assets are in one chat window.

How to buy the first crypto assets?

Top up the balance in hryvnia. Click the "Balance" button, then - "Top up", select the hryvnia from the list of currencies. The bot will ask you exactly how much hryvnia you want to credit and ask you to choose your bank card. Then everything is according to the usual scenario: just confirm the transfer of funds. Learn more about deposits

Within minutes UAH will be credited to the balance of your newly created crypto wallet in Telegram Alice-Bob. The next step: exchange fiat for a crypto (your hryvnia for digital assets).

Click the "Operations" button, then the "Exchange" button. The service will offer to exchange assets on your balance, in your case — UAH. Specify the amount you want to exchange. The built-in cryptocurrency exchanger in Telegram will indicate exactly how many coins or tokens you will receive in exchange for the hryvnia. After confirmation of the transaction there will be an exchange at a fixed rate at the time of confirmation of the transaction. Learn more about the exchange

Coins are credited to the cryptocurrency account automatically. You can view their number in the "Balance" section. Please note that all you need is a Telegram account. Bot @alicebobbot combines a secure wallet that can generate crypto addresses to receive cryptocurrency payments, an exchanger with favorable rates and the ability to enter and withdraw hryvnia on the card of a Ukrainian bank.