How to save your money with Alice-Bob?

In the Alice-Bob wallet, you can quickly purchase a stable USDT cryptocurrency and save your own funds. You can do this with a card of any Ukrainian bank for UAH.

It is also worth adding that the Telegram bot runs on a secure protocol-GEO Protocol. The bot acts as a shell for easy management of its own assets, and funds are stored and processed by the protocol on a separate secure server.

Also, to increase the security of your Telegram, you can enable 2-factor authorization. For more information, see the article

How do I top up my wallet and buy USDT?

  • Click on the "Deposit" button
  • Choose the deposit currency - UAH
  • Enter(send as a message) the deposit amount (the recommended amount is at least 400 UAH - this is the minimum amount for which you can purchase USDT). The "bank card" deposit method will be selected automatically. If you have an ADV wallet, you can choose this deposit method
  • After entering the deposit amount, an informational message will appear with the deposit amount and a button for payment - click "Proceed to payment"
  • In the payment system window, enter your bank card details and click "Pay". The payment system processes the payment and returns a message about successful payment. After that, the funds will appear on the bot's balance. Close the payment system window and return to Alice-Bob.
  • After the refund, an informational message will appear about the successful transfer of funds to the balance and two buttons for the next action - click on "Exchange"
  • Choosing the currency that we will exchange-UAH
  • Choosing the currency for which we will exchange - USDT
  • Enter the amount you want to exchange (minimum 400 UAH) or click on "All balance"
  • After that, an informational message will appear with the amount of USDT that you will receive after the exchange, the amount of UAH that you will pay, the USDT-to-UAH exchange rate, and the commission. Click on the "Confirm" button
  • After confirmation the final information message will appear and the funds will be credited to the balance

What to do with USDT next?

  • USDT is a stablecoin pegged to the dollar, so you can keep it on the bot's balance without the risk of exchange rate fluctuations
  • Send USDT to the cryptocurrency exchange and keep it there
  • Transfer USDT to another cryptocurrency wallet using the crypto address
  • Send USDT to friends in the bot
You can read more about how to send money in the Alice-Bob wallet in this article
  • Exchange USDT for UAH, or other currencies, through P2P trading
  • If necessary, exchange USDT for UAH, or other currencies, through a bot and withdraw to a card for personal use