Alice-Bob's Bonuses

Alice-Bob Loyalty Program allows users to receive GEO tokens for particular actions.

Starting price of 1 GEO token = $0.20

Users can obtain tokens in several ways:
  1. Every user receive 5 GEO tokens right after the registration
  2. Every user receive 5 GEO tokens if someone registered using his/her referral link (or QR code)
  3. Anyone can buy GEO tokens in Alice-Bob
  4. Every Thursday, the amount Alice-Bob earned from exchanges for the last week (0.1% of all exchange operations) will be distributed among GEO token holders.

The reward amount depends on the percentage of the total amount of GEO tokens the user has on her/his balance. There are three conditions of receiving the reward:
  1. To have any amount of GEO tokens on the balance
  2. Execute at least 1 transfer during the last 30 days
  3. Execute at least 1 exchange during the last 30 days

Also, we are working on the implementation of additional ways to obtain GEO tokens. Wait on more details ;-) 

ATTENTION: Alice-Bob are able to fine users that will demonstrate malicious behavior