LINK available now on Alice-Bob

Chainlink is a decentralized blockchain-based oracle network that allows smart contracts to connect to external data sources.

Network features

Chainlink allows you to create many unique smart contracts and cover almost all areas of life and investment. The network allows you to perform smart contracts depending on objective data from independent sources. Here are the main advantages of this approach compared to traditional insurance:
  • there is no need for intermediaries
  • the contract is executed immediately after the fulfillment of the condition or after the expiration date
  • minimum commissions for the parties involved
  • the possibility of making additional conditions that will be acceptable to all parties and can be formally expressed using the algorithm
  • maximum confidentiality and reliability of work

Token LINK

LINK is a proprietary Chainlink token used by smart contracts to pay commissions to Chainlink nodes for their services. The cost of maintenance is set by the nodes themselves, depending on the demand for a particular type of data on the market.